A downloadable game for Windows

A 2d platformer that's all about momentum! 

Soar through the world dashing madly from one thing to another!

Watch the trailer:

Dream Dasher is a fast 2D platformer where you soar through the world dashing madly from one thing to another.

The game is all about dashing and momentum. The dash is the main way to interact with elements and mechanics, and any level can be completed in a single combo streak.

Everything in Dream Dasher pushes you to do crazy, fast maneuvers that look really cool. However, it's always possible to take things slow, and there's plenty of checkpoints so it's accessible and not frustrating for anyone!

This is a demo with two levels and a boss battle.


Dream Dasher demo.rar 418 MB


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This is GREAT. The level of polish throughout is very impressive, the intro animation was very well-animated and a welcome surprise, and the gameplay is fun and fast without being confusing. 

I haven't gotten to the boss, though, because I can't seem to get an A rank on level 2. Maybe the requirement should be to get a B rank? I got tired of trying over and over. It would also be helpful to know how many points constitutes each rank, like in Sonic games.

I also find it difficult to successfully target enemies, because the range for the "homing attack" (X) is a bit short, so sometimes I've moved out of range by the time I can react. Other times, the homing attack time limit runs out right as I'm pressing X, so a more noticeable visual indicator of its time limit would be helpful. It's also nearly impossible to hit enemies that are lodged in little craters of land, like in level 2.

Despite these issues, I still enjoyed the game. Keep up the good work. I'd really like to see more of this!

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Its enjoyable! i love it! But the first boss takes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many hits. I swear I hit it like 35 times and it still didn't die.

Edit: Sorry, I was actually wrong on the boss, I just died a bunch of times and thats why it took forever.

But having to get an A rank to get to the boss level was kinda bleh. Maybe you could require the player to have a certain amount of the gold acorns instead? You dont have to listen to me if you dont want to of course, just tryin to give feedback I think could maybe help ya. Good luck with the full game!

Lovely game! I love the mood I love the pace.

It needs to be said that people will be reminded of sonic and his homing attack, but I like the way you handle that rhythm that encourages methotical but fast plays rather than button mashing. Some may have to memorize the right patterns to S Rank (like myself) but I think you got a real gem on your way if the later levels can ramp up the difficulty with this rhythm. 

No real complaints, although you get a lot turnips so far. I feel like things will have to be super costly for them to be worth something.